Specialty Coffee, Gourmet Food, Labuan

Founded with passion and a love for gastronomy. Great food, fantastic drinks, awesome service. 


About Us


THE CHILLOUT is a newly founded food entity with a zest for life. Owning both CAFÉ and FRUITBAR, we aim to bring only the best to this little island, because that's what you deserve.



Capturing the need for a modern twist in a sleepy town, THE CHILLOUT CAFÉ draws curious, cultivated palates to pure indulgence in a non-pretense environment. Only the best ingredients are used in every of our exclusive dishes. Our delicious food are freshly made in house while breads are carefully baked to perfection in our lovely kitchen. We also source the best coffee from Papa Palheta and brew each cup with love.


Come visit us. Experience the tingling of senses as you take a sip of our coffee. Savour the very first bite of your CHILLOUT meal. Your lips slowly twist upward into a smile. We know.


It’s pure delight.



The idea of a FRUITBAR isn't very new, but we're special. Conceptualised with a healthy delicious product in mind, the FRUITBAR boasts fresh fruits and carefully concocted fruit beverages to suit anybody, whether you want a chilled drink or a vitamin boost. One of the usual sweltering hot days? No worries, get it ice blended. All fruits are juiced on the spot and there you go - a rich, luscious blend right in your hands.


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